Men and Women in Uniform ... order your Faith Kit below!

Currently, ​we're only able to distribute these kits for free in the Genesee County, Michigan area.

We would be happy to mail kits to folks who are not local, for a donation of $4 to cover shipping.

The kit can be requested below. If multiple kits (more than 10) are requested for delivery, please call us to work out details (810-655-2276), or email us at [email protected]

For kits being picked up at our facility, see our location HERE.

Pickup days / times ... Sundays 12:30pm-1:30pm ... Wednesdays 5:00pm-6:00pm. Special arrangements can be made for folks who need to come at a different time. Please call us at 810-655-2276.

If you are picking up your kit, please fill out the form below so we can have it ready for your arrival. If more than 10 kits are requested for pickup, please contact us at 810-655-2276 to verify availability before you make a trip.

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Each kit includes ...

One PRAYER CARD ... that tells folks what we are praying for them on one side, and then a protection declaration for them on the other side. 

There's also some contact information on the card.

One WALLET CARD ... with the Psalms 91 declaration and a phone number for prayer.

One FAITH BAND ... a wristband that says ... PSALMS 91 - I AM PROTECTED BY GOD! 

View the bands below or select HERE for a scriptural explanation.

The faith band serves two purposes. 

One, it's a faith builder, and a reminder to the one wearing it, that they are protected by God. 

And two, these bands have been prayed over and act as prayer cloths in accordance to Acts 19:11 in the Bible. 

We have witnessed and been informed of many miracles as a result of the presence of God on these bands.

This kit also contains a few other items: salvation card, information card, and a prayer cloth explanation page.

Available Faith Bands

Purple/Black - Medium / 7"

Blue - Large / 8"

Camo - Large / 8"

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